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A Journey Through Our Food System


New for 2023!!!

Explore the inner workings of the food system and the real story behind the food we eat with our first virtual workshop: A Journey Through Our Food System

Inspired by the findings of our forthcoming book The Story Matters Most, this virtual learning opportunity built on collaborative discussion delves into the many problem areas of the current global food system.

Throughout the presentation, we take the audience on a journey through farmed salmon production, 21st century food insecurity, food miles, slave labour in the food system, food waste and more.

With defined learning outcomes, interactive visual aids all delivered live by our founder Devin O' Sullivan, A Journey Through Our Food System is our innovative digital alternative available for first and second level schools.


To book A Journey Through Our Food System or for more information, get in touch with us by emailing


Arranged to suit your school's schedule. 

Presentation is available in 40 minute and 60 minute formats.

Available On

Zoom & Microsoft Teams



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