The Story Matters Most

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'The Story Matters Most' is the debut book from Devin O' Sullivan set to be published in 2023.

In what is a detailed and heavy read, Devin draws on extensive sources and interviews to explore the inner workings of the global food system and the real story behind the food we eat.


The Story Matters Most is split into three parts: 

Progression (The Past)

Pandemonium (The Present)

Panacea (The Future)

Farmed Salmon, Avocados, worsening Food Insecurity, Food Waste, Industrial Farming, Social Media Influences and so much more comes under the bright spotlight in a book that will make you look at food in a radically new way. 

Illustrated by Linda Fahrlin, the book also features the expert opinions and thoughts from dozens of chefs, farmers, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs from all around the world who have kindly given their time over the past two years to contribute to this exciting publication.

We are currently looking to interview people and businesses in a number of industry sectors to help gather information and piece the story together. 

We want to hear from you if you are an expert in:

   - Food Banks / Community Fridges

- Dairy / Beef / Sheep / Poultry Farming

   - Home Economics (Ireland)

   - Aquaculture / Sustainable Fisheries

   - Food Poverty / Security

   - Processed / Ultra Processed Foods

   - GM Foods

   - Urban Gardening / Community Gardens 

   - Game Meat Marketing / Distribution

   - Nutrition

- Women in Agriculture

- Environmental Impact of Food

   - Commodity Crops

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