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Food For Thought

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- Are we ready for the 4th Agricultural Revolution? 

- Have you ever thought about how the food you eat gets from one side of the world to the other?

- How do we sustainably feed a rapidly growing population?

- What role will insects play in the future of food?

- How is the war in Ukraine impacting food supplies and is a vegan diet really the best thing for you and the planet? 

All these questions and more are explored and discussed throughout our 2 hour long journey through the food system in what we call Food For Thought.


Available to primary and secondary schools, the interactive Food For Thought workshop delves deeper into the past, the present and the future of food while giving students the chance to learn about what is really happening to the food they eat.

Workshop Format:

Part I (20 mins)- We begin the workshop with a short presentation chronicling the early days of food production right up to the modern day food system. We take students through some of the interesting revolutionary moments in the food system such as the Industrial Revolution, World War II and The Counterculture Movement.

Part II (40 mins) - This section explores the problem areas of the current food system. Laid out in front of the students in the middle of the classroom is an enormous selection of foods which we think are good for us and the planet, however the real story concealed behind the pretty labelling is very different. Here we look at farmed salmon, avocados, almonds, industrial farming, a variety of 'superfoods' as well as food waste, supermarket tactics, food miles, environmental damage, hunger and more.

Part III (60 mins) - The future of the food system and the food we eat is at the centre of part III of the workshop. Students will learn about urban farming, regenerative farming, food waste reduction tricks and more. It wouldn't be a FEAST workshop without a feast to enjoy so with that we give our classes a taste of the future with the best sustainably sourced real superfoods including oysters, insects, seaweed, fermented foods, organic produce etc. Alongside the students, we will also cook up some simple zero waste snacks for them to enjoy and practice at home.


Also included in Food For Thought: 

- Handouts, Activity Book, Recipe Book, Kombucha Starter Kit, Sourdough Starter.


We have delivered this unique and interactive workshop to over 120 schools in 15 counties.

To book Food For Thought or for more information, get in touch with us by emailing


Arranged to suit your school's schedule and lasts for 2 hours.


Available in-person in schools throughout

Munster, Connacht & Leinster.


Email us for more information.

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