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FEAST Fermentation Workshop

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Delve into the wonderful world of fermented food and drinks with this enjoyable, hands-on 2 hour workshop exploring the health benefits and science behind:

Kombucha - Kimchi - Tepache - Ginger Bugs.

We will bring all the equipment needed to get your school up and running with a Kombucha fermentation programme. 

With easy to understand leaflets explaining the complex fermentation process, students will gain a greater understanding of yeast and bacterial cultures and their positive effects on our gut health.

Over the course of a few weeks, students will get to see SCOBY's in action as it feeds on sugar, creates fizz and ultimately a delicious drink for everyone to enjoy when bottled. 

Our workshop has the added benefit of showing students how to repurpose various foods to help during the fermentation process further showcasing how we can reduce food waste. 

Join dozens of schools nationwide who are fermenting with FEAST. 

To book our FEAST Fermentation workshop or for more information, get in touch with us by emailing


Arranged to suit your school's schedule and lasts for 2 hours.


Available in-person in schools throughout

Munster, Connacht & Leinster.


Email us for more information.

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