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Ár mBia 3-Part Programme

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The Ár mBia Programme consists of three, 2-hour workshops delivered throughout the school year.

The first two workshops explore a variety of foods from the sea and from the land with the final workshop showing students how they can reduce food waste at home. 

Each class will begin with a short presentation before moving onto food tasting and demonstrations.

Schools can book either two or all three workshops over the course of the year. 

This programme is ideally delivered to a group of approx. 35 students. 


'From the Sea'

This workshop focuses on a range of sustainable food sources from the waters surrounding our island.

At the start of the session, we will explore our relationship with the sea and look at the role that fish plays in our diet. Students will then get to prepare and taste mussels from Killary Fjord, oysters from Galway Bay, a range of seaweeds and sea herbs foraged along the seashore in Co. Clare and much more before finishing with a classic Carrageen Moss pudding made with Carrageen from Quilty based company Wild Irish Sea Veg.  

'From the Land'

Sustainable inland farmed and foraged food is explored in this edition of the Ár mBia Programme. A variety of artisan farmhouse cheese, organic fruit and vegetables, seasonal game meat and more is the focus of this 2 hour class. 

'Food Waste'

Irish households waste over 1 million tonnes of food each year and the problem is only intensifying. The final workshop of the Ár mBia programme looks at simple ways to reduce food waste at home by turning food that would usually be destined for the bin, into an array of tasty dishes. Students will get to try Kimchi, Flavoured Kombucha, Chutneys and leftover fruit bars.   

To book two or all three workshops from the Ár mBia Programme, please get in touch with us by emailing


Arranged to suit your school's schedule throughout the year.

Each session lasts 2 hours


Available in-person in schools throughout: Munster, Connacht, Dublin, Kildare, Laois & Offaly


Email us for more information

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