Ár Talamh


An interactive, no-nonsense presentation and workshop designed to inspire Climate Action among schoolchildren in Ireland.

Focussing on:

- The causes of Climate Change,

- 10 effects of Climate Change,

- How our everyday actions can become more environmentally sustainable to curb higher temperature rises.

Layout & Activities

Ár Talamh begins with a short presentation detailing the history of our climate and the causes of climate change.


Arranged to suit your school's schedule and lasts for at least 60 minutes.

We can present as many times as necessary on the day to cater for all classes/years


Your schools location.

The workshop can be conducted in all room sizes from small classrooms to large assembly halls.


The more students we present to on the day the cheaper the workshop. 

Email feastireland@gmail.com to enquire about prices.

To book the Ár Talamh workshop or for more information, get in touch with us by emailing feastireland@gmail.com 


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