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FEAST is a social enterprise working to improve food education in Ireland.

Created in early 2018 by food provocateur, speaker and author Devin O' Sullivan, FEAST has gone on to become a national leader in food education.

Each year we visit over 100 schools nationwide and deliver our immersive and contemporary workshops to about 4000 schoolchildren and teachers. 


Our workshops are based primarily on food systems transformation and the future of food. We explore the real story behind the food we all eat with students learning about industrial farming, food miles, supermarket tactics, food waste and simple ways to combat it at home, basic cooking skills and much more.

One of the many unique aspects of our workshops is how we explore the environmental impact of the food we eat, by showing students what is needed to get their favourite foods to the table. 

Throughout our classes we give teachers and students a taste of what sustainable food actually is with oysters, seaweed, insects, vertically farmed produce, sustainably fished seafood and more all on the menu. We have a responsibility to champion small scale farmers, growers, producers and food system disruptors during our workshops so we only use the best of what can be grown, harvested, fished and


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MC & Speaking

Outside of our school workshops, Devin often speaks at a number of festivals, symposiums and conferences throughout the year, focusing on food education and food systems transformation.


Some events he has spoken at:

- Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic

- Slow in the City

- Food on the Edge

- World Food Forum

- Slow Food Clare

- Culture Night Galway 2019

- World Food Travel Association Podcast

- Dublin City University SDG Seminar

- National University of Ireland Galway 

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Collaborations & Donations

FEAST is a small social enterprise whose primary objective is to achieve a positive societal and environmental impact. 

We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded businesses who share our values. 

If you are a food producer or a business owner interested in partnering with us to improve food education in Ireland, please contact FEAST here

Donations allow us to heavily discount our rates for schools and we are grateful for the continued support we receive from kind donors. 

Please consider donating to FEAST to allow us to visit more schools across Ireland and bring real food education to children. 

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